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City College Plymouth

City College Plymouth needed to find a new energy saving lighting concept with integral controls that can offer motion and daylight sensing.

Our LED Celestial Luminaires gave the College just what it was looking for. Installing Fitzgerald LED luminaires enabled the College to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. 

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Retail Development

The customer required a high quality luminaire with a high light output.

Our LED Polaris luminaires provided the solution, while reducing energy costs and their carbon footprint.

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Augher Central Primary School

The school required a robust energy saving luminaire that would offer excellent illuminance levels throughout the sports hall.

Our solution was to offer the LED Hi Sport which provides a bright, natural, even light, combined with a hard wearing body, whilst ensuring substantial energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

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We were asked to supply luminaires
that would help the customer to
reduce their carbon footprint 
and to save money at the same 

The customer also required ambient
light settings, this was achieved by 
supplying the Universal Celestial
Luminaire with switched dimmer
settings and push switch  controls,
this allows the customer to have
ambient settings in the office environment.

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Logistics Qatar

We were asked to supply luminaires
that would help the customer to
achieve a high light output in a
storage facility.

We achieved this by supplying the
LED HiBay luminaire, this luminaire
was supplied for all four warehouses 
on site. This will ensure a reduction in
their running costs.

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The brief was to provide a wash of
light down the display units which
extend right around the perimeter
walls of the retailers store, ensuring
even illuminance, high performance
and good colour perception.

The solution was to install the
Fitzgerald 300 x 600 mm LED
luminaires. These
bright white luminaires offer an
excellent spread of even light
across the store. Energy consumption
was reduced to 35 watts per luminaire.

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Food Production

We were asked to supply luminaires
that would help the customer to
achieve a lower carbon footprint
and to reduce their energy costs.

We achieved this by supplying the 
HF GRP Dustproof luminaire, this
luminaire is rated IP65 and provides
the ingress protection required in
this environment.

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Fowey River Academy
Sports Facility

The customer required a robust
luminaire that could provide a
high light output without glare
from the LED chips.

Our solution was to supply the LED
Hi Sport Luminaire. A durable
luminaire designed for indoor 
sporting environments.With
shielded led’s to reduce glare 

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Ulster University needed to find a new energy saving lighting concept with integral controls that can offer motion and daylight sensing.

Our LED Tandem Streamline gave the university just what it was looking for. A slim luminaire with clean lines that gives a pure, white light in the classrooms.

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At Western Approach Car Park the high costs and high lamp maintenance 2D 28 compact flourescent luminaires needed to be replaced with more energy efficient luminaires.


Replacement with high efficiency 12 Watt LED Urban Flat, with built-in microwave sensor and intelligent dimming 100%/10%. The site now enjoys high energy savings and no lamp maintenance.

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We incorporate a range of lighting controls that can offer motion and daylight sensing. This intelligence can either be integral to the fitting or located remotely dependant on the design of the luminaire.

For more information and a free ‘Return on Investment’ report, please contact your local Fitzgerald Lighting representative for assistance.

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The council needed to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance the buildings green credentials by dramatically reducing the fuel costs.


The LED Celestial was selected to replace the less efficient category 2 modular lighting. Using sensor technology we were able to reduce energy cost further by dimming the fitting when natural daylight entered the building.

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A number of ceiling luminaires were designed specifically Renault Romania for the project with a common theme. Energy savings are a 640-864 dumps key driver at this installation.

The 35 Watt LED Celestial Semi Recessed was chosen with a blue gel optic which complimented the blue lightbox signs within the arrivals area at the airport.

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Manufacturing installation suffered with poor illumination considering the precise nature of the engineering. The solution was to fit 1200 x 600mm LED Celestial luminaires.

These bright white luminaires offer an excellent spread of even light across the shop floor. Energy consumption was reduced to 70 Watts per luminaire.

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Over a long period of time Westminster Council developed a brief to promote energy saving in a vandal resistant housing.

The Fitzgerald LED Knight and LED Legion have fulfilled this requirement by giving comparable lumen output performance against conventional technology at a fraction of the energy cost with none of the headaches of lamp maintenance.

By linking the luminaires together, using occupancy sensor control, the walkways and corridors light as a group when motion detection was made.

All features were mounted internally to the luminaire to take full advantage of the aluminium die cast construction.

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Taunton School Theatre had inefficient 2D compact lighting with high energy and lamp maintenance in this facility.

To save rewiring the building we used the existing 1- 10V dimming system combined with 17 Watt LED Mercury luminaires to provide a green solution.

The Mercury Backlight halo variants were used to illuminate the ceilings as well as providing excellent all round lighting bringing the theatre to life.